quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Hiding stuff

There’s so many things that people don’t say and I understand why, because I do it also. Maybe because all of us have afraid of the answers, down in the bottom we know the truth. But sometimes we lie to ourselves despite knowing that is bad. We don´t want to suffer, we hide in our shells expecting the pain to go away. It’s so sad to have those kinds of feelings, especially when it still exists in our hearts. I still miss the smells, the warmth, the tenderness and our delicious hugs. I won’t talk about ours kisses. Remembering those nights, our bodies lying together in my bed, all glued and cozy. I feel sad because you didn´t tell the truth. Even though I would be damaged, now the things could be different. We’ll not be friends, we’ll have life’s apart, goals in opposite directions. But it doesn’t matter, that’s real life. Yesterday, I received an email of a real good friend and I really cried of happiness. Mainly, it said that despite all the bad things in the world, we should make an effort to say what we truly think to the people we love. That’s my mot. If I don’t do it, that’s a bad signal.

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